About Us

Nourish as nature intended, these are the words we absolutely live by at K9 KULTURE. Our dogs may not be able to read ingredients yet, but we are confident that when you open up that bag of K9 Treats they will INSTANTLY smell the difference.The nose knows best,and we’re confident that your dog will never turn down our delicious premium treats.

 The Difference is we do things differently, from finding the highest quality products available, to quality testing our treats before they reach your doorstep, we always make sure that your furry friends come first.

 We believe a treat is not only supposed to be a reward for your dog but also a reward to us ,the humans in knowing that our dog is being nourished with a treat PACKED with vitamins and essential nutrients.

 100% CANADIAN Farmed Products - Human Grade Pasture raised on Sustainable, Government inspected farms and facilities. Most of our competitors claim they are made in Canada or united states but have meat products sourced from China ,Bangladesh and other countries that aren’t regulated sources. We are proud to be 100 Canadian produced and sourced from day one.